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Spring Testnet Bug Bounty
by EOS Network Foundation

We're gearing up for the introduction of Savanna Consensus on EOS, the new consensus algorithm that will reduce time to finality from minutes to just seconds, and we need your help testing to ensure that it is rock solid before our mainnet launch!

Jungle Antelope Bongo Leap to Spring

Here's Where You Come In

CryptoLions has created a temporary testnet in preparation for the Spring 1.0 hard fork, and the BPs will be rapidly cycling through versions as they are made available by the EOS Network Foundation. We are calling on the EOS community to help us put each version through its paces and flush out any bugs that might be lurking. We know we can count on you, and we’re offering some incentives as a thank you.

Bug Report Incentives

General Bug Report Incentive: Spot a bug and we’ll reward you if we fix it. The faster you find and report them, the more you can earn β€” up to 700 EOS.

Critical Consensus Bug Report Incentive: If you find and report a critical bug that causes unexpected consensus behavior that is not accounted for in Instant Finality design and we fix it, you’ll earn 2,000 EOS!

Just so we’re on the same page, please read the details around those incentives.

What’s Next


Join the Spring Testnet Phase Telegram Group where new versions will be announced


Try to discover any bugs we may have missed


Report any bugs you discover to the submission form


Earn incentives which will be delivered within 30 days after Program Termination

Note: This Bug Bounty program is organized by EOS Network Foundation (ENF,, who is responsible for collecting and verifying submitted reports and destribution of the bounty incentives. CryptoLions Team (CL, acts as administrator on the Jungle Platform and Block Producer (BP) for the Savanna and Jungle testnets.