The Best Place To Test Your EOS DApps

Cut your teeth in the Jungle!

Learn from Zero

The Jungle is a great place to learn about blockchain. Checkout the Learn section to get started building on EOS today.

Test your DApps

The Jungle TestNet provides testing environment for your EOS based applications so you can focus on the features.

Test your Infrastructure

The Jungle allows EOS Block Producers to test their infrastructure and EOSIO updates before deploying to EOS MainNet.

Jungle Testnet

The Jungle TestNet was initiated by Crypto Lions and has served as sandbox for many development teams and EOS Block Producers since the birth of EOSIO.

It played a cornerstone role in the EOS launch and now as the network matures and grows it provides a reliable test environment for EOSIO based applications.

Your dApp's success is our number one priority.

  • #1 EOS Testnet
  • 20+ EOS DApps
  • 50+ Block Producers

Get Started

Follow these steps to join us in the Jungle.

1. Create an Account

To create an EOS account on the Jungle TestNet visit and choose a 12 character username. You can generate the EOS key pairs here.

2. Get Free Tokens

EOS Tokens entitle you to use network resources: RAM, CPU and Bandwidth. Through the faucet service you can get free tokens on the Jungle Testnet for any account.

3. Deploy and Test

Deploy and Test your contracts in the "wild" before going live.


These are tools that will help you survive in the Jungle.


Cryptolions provides a Jungle Monitor service that allows you to track all activity on the Network.
EOS Jungle Monitor


Through the EOS Jungle Faucet service you get free tokens to host and use your smart contracts and decentralized applications.


You can configure popular EOS wallets with your jungle accounts. Follow this video tutorial to configure Scatter for dApp testing.


You can choose from a myriad of API endpoints on the Jungle Blockchain.


Cleos is the command interface developed by Block One to interact with EOSIO based blockchain nodes.

DApp Dev Env

EOS Local is docker based local development environment for building scalable EOS dApps.


The Jungle Testnet snapshots allow you to spin up EOSIO nodes quickly without needing to sync the blockchain.

Telegram Group

The Jungle telegram group is essential for coordinating efforts and knowledge sharing. Join at

Discord Server

The Discord server is an alternative to the main Telegram group.


Words from Jungle users.

I use Jungle Testnet as my staging chain since I launched MonsterEOS and it's been used so far with great and stable reliability of my contract, RAM usage and monsters data. Junglenet is amazing!.

Leo Ribeiro

Creator of MonsterEOS

The Jungle have been critical to the success and adoption of EOS. Many dApps and BPs we have today first learned EOS and developed their software into production releases because of the value Jungle provides.

Luke Stokes


The Jungle Testnet has been absolutely crucial to the launch of EOS.

John Milburn (jem)