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Welcome to Jungle, the β„–1 Testnet for EOS blockchain!

Jungle is the ultimate sandbox for testing and debugging dApps and BP nodes before you go live on the EOS mainnet. Unleash the limitless potential of dApps in a secure environment! Dive into the world of EOS Native and EOS EVM smart-contracts with full Ethereum and RPC Compatibility. Jungle was established in March 2018 by the CryptoLions Team and Jungle Community, and played a cornerstone role in the EOS Mainnet launch. It provides a reliable test environment for Antelope-based applications.

Cut your teeth in the Jungle!

117+ M


14+ M


8+ M

Non-empty blocks

195+ K


1.7+ K



Fix all bugs on Jungle Testnet before launching on EOS Mainnet

Learn From Zero

The Jungle is a great place to learn about EOS blockchain. Checkout the Learn page by ENF to get started building on EOS today, and perform tests and experiments on Jungle.

Robust Testing Environment

Testing environment that mimics real-world conditions, allows developers to rigorously test and refine their blockchain applications without the risks associated with the EOS mainnet.

Test Your Infrastructure

Jungle allows EOS Block Producers to test their infrastructure and Antelope software updates before deploying to EOS Mainnet.

EOS EVM and RPC Compatibility

EOS EVM connects the EOS ecosystem to the Ethereum ecosystem by allowing developers to deploy a wide array of Solidity-based digital assets and innovative dApps on EOS. Test them on Jungle

Resourceful Development Tools

Harness resourceful development tools tailored to Antelope-based applications. Jungle Testnet equips developers with the necessary free resources to streamline the development process.

High-Performance Scalability

Leverage the high-performance scalability of Antelope technology. Jungle Testnet's architecture supports a higher number of users and transactions.

Useful Things

These are tools and articles that will help you survive in the Jungle!


Jungle Monitor

A comprehensive dashboard for the EOS Testnet, Jungle, offering a one-stop solution. It allows you to monitor activity and resources, and provides valuable tools. Maintained by CryptoLions.

Show Monitor


$EOS Faucet

Get free Β«nativeΒ» $EOS (and $JUNGLE) tokens for testing your smart-contracts and dApps or pay for RAM. Maintained by CryptoLions.
This tool does not send EOS mainnet tokens.

Get Β«nativeΒ» $EOS


EVM $EOS Faucet

Get free Β«wrappedΒ» EVM $EOS tokens for testing your smart-contracts and dApps. Maintained by ENF.
This tool does not send EOS mainnet tokens.

Get Β«wrappedΒ» EVM $EOS



Staking on the resource (CPU, NET) of Β«nativeΒ» Jungle accounts. It enable you to execute a greater number of actions in the Jungle (EOS Testnet).

Power-up Account


Token Bridge

Bridge $EOS and $JUNGLE testnet tokens between Β«nativeΒ» EOS accounts on Jungle Testnet and EOS EVM addresses. Maintained by ENF.

Testnet Bridge



The EOS and Jungle Testnet snapshots allow you to spin up nodes quickly without needing to sync the Blockchain.

See Backups



A tool that simplifies the creation and signing of multi-signature transactions on Jungle Testnet and EOS Mainnet, suitable for both novices and experts. Maintained by CryptoLions.

MSIG for Jungle MSIG for EOS


Spring Testnet Bug Bounty

A Bug Bounty program to find and fix bugs in Savanna Consensus, a new algorithm that will significantly improve transaction speed. Organized by ENF.

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